The Last Challenge… For Now

I wrote 10 posts altogether, including this one. All but one post were for the student blogging challenge. The post that I made about Meriam Ishag was my own. I received 6 comments, mostly from people I commented on. The post about MercyMe got the most comments, probably because I had a video with it. My favorite post was my MercyMe, because they’re my favorite band.:) I didn’t really change my blog theme because I like it just the way it is. The only thing I didn’t like is I couldn’t change the picture of the bananas when I wanted a picture of my dog. I have 13 widgets. I want to figure out how to put pictures on the side. I have 4 international bloggers: Renee, from Australia; Bella; Blythe; and Kendall from Texas.
My mom looked at my blog and this is what she said: I like Kate’s blog. I think it’s cool she has a wide range of subjects and her voice and personality really shine through. Her poem is very good and I hope she writes more. I’m glad she had to go an assignment like this where she can express herself as well as get feedback.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag

My mom told me about this woman: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag. Meriam is a Christian woman who lives in Sudan. Her Christian mother raised her, after her Muslim father left when she was 6. The Sudan government considers her to be Muslim, because of her father and it’s against the law to renounce Islam. She married a Christan man, has a 20-month old son and is 8 months pregnant. So the Sudan government considered her marriage void, because it is a Christian man, and charged her with apostasy and adultery. The judge gave her 3 days to recant, but she refused. She received 100 lashings for “adultery” and has the death penalty. She will stay in jail until both her children have turn 2 and then they will kill her, either by stoning or hanging. Her children will be given to Muslim homes, because her husband was exiled from Sudan. Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a Christian British group, is trying to help her.
Please pray for her.

For more information, go to:

Schooling Questions

1. I wake up at 6:45 am.
2. For breakfast, I normally have LIFE cereal and a banana. For lunch, either crackers and cheese, or a sandwich with fruit. It’s different pretty much every night for dinner.
3. Most days, how I get to and from school is walking, unless it’s raining.
4. It takes about 10-20 minutes to get to school, depending if I’m alone or with friends.
5. See lunch number 2.
6. First I have LA (language arts) and SS (social studies). Then I’m a TA (teacher assistant), have lunch, band, and PE. At the end of the day, I have math and science.
7. My electives: I’m a TA (teacher assistant), band, and PE.
8. We have laptops that we use for blogging and google docs.
9. My Schedule
8:20-9:13 LA
9:18-10:12 SS
10:17-11:02 FLEX
11:02-11:32 Lunch
11:37-12:19 Band
12:24-1:06 PE
1:11-2:06 Math
2:11-3:05 Science
10. At breaks, I stop at my locker.
11. At the end of the day I walk home and either read or ride my scooter at home.
12. I don’t have any uniform.
13. We are at school about 180 days in the year. We are separated into two quarters per semester/term.
14. I enjoy seeing my friends at school.
15. If I could improve school I would make it start later, so we can sleep in a little bit.

What Makes a Great Family

What makes a great family is similar hobbies. For example, me and my dad like a lot of the same bands: MercyMe, Lincoln Brewster, and David Crowder. We know what we’re talking about when one of us says a song name like “O Praise Him”, “All of Creation”, and “All to You”. Or another thing that makes a great family is if you spend time together. That can be kind of hard sometimes, depending on how your family is. But if you have family time, you get closer to your parents and your siblings (if you have them.) Ways I spend time with my family is at dinner and when we’re outside. I love being with my family!


Photo Credit: awezmaz via Compfight cc

Leaders in my Life

These are 4 leaders in my life:
My mom: My mom is a leader in my life. She makes good decisions and loves her family.
My dad: My dad is nice and he helps me.
Joe: Joe was my youth leader at my church. He always has good advice and he’s lots of fun.
Bart Millard: Bart Millard is the main singer for the band MercyMe, my FAVORITE band. Their songs always make me feel better and inspire me.


My favorite music band is MercyMe. They are a Christian band who is from Texas. There are 5 members, but there used to be 6 members. I have three of their albums, but I want to get more. I have learned several of their songs for piano and flute. I have seen them twice at concerts, and it was really fun. The albums they have are: Undone,  Almost there, Spoken for, the Christmas Sessions, Coming Up to Breathe, All that is Within Me, 10 MM, the Generous Mr. Lovewell, the Hurt and the Healer, and Welcome to the New. Their new album ‘Welcome to the New’ just came out last week.

This is their new song Shake.


The Best Place in Oregon

I think the best place in Oregon is Florence because it’s right next to the beach. Even though it can be rainy and is really windy most of the time, it’s really fun just to build sand castles and collect seashells. If you go to Beverly Beach, you can camp there, or stay in a yurt which is really fun. There are lots of logs on the shore you can play in, and once me and my friends found a small hideout to play in. A lot of the time, the ocean is to cold to actually swim in unless you can swim in really cold water, but it’s still fun to splash around in. Another place to go is the Newport Aquarium in Newport. There are lots of animals to see and there are statues of sea animals to play on for the little kids. I think the best place in Oregon is the Oregon Coast.


1. Oregon owns 1/4 of what population?

A. llamas
B. cows
C. goats

2. Oregon’s state animal is…?

A. duck
B. beaver

3. The deepest lake in Oregon is…?

A. Crater lake
B. Dorena  lake
C. Clear lake

4. What state other than Oregon does not allow people to pump there own gas?

A. California
B. Iowa
C. New Jersey

Answers: 1A, 2B, 3A, 4C